Kettlebell & Mobility GatheringSteve Maxwell is a fitness classicist, he lives what he preaches, traveling full-time leading seminars in Strength and Conditioning,  Movement Fundamentals, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Kettlebell, Joint Mobility and Corrective Programs. He was named one of the top 100 trainers in the USA by Men’s Journal. Steve Maxwell’s extraordinary talent at program design comes from more than 40 years of experience in fitness training and coaching. Known as the Founding father of US Kettlebell Training, Steve himself originated many of the criterion Kettlebell moves. Besides his sharp wits, strength, and vitality, Steve is best known for his natural ability to connect with his students and clients, thereby bringing out their best effort and performance.


 Kettlebell & Mobility Gathering

Johannes Kwella got himself a lot of liscences (A-Liscence medical rehabilitation & health prevention, various Crossfit Certifications, IKFF Level 1 + Master Level 1 and many many more). He is fulfilling a constant knowledge thirst which pushed him right up in line with the top experts in his fields. Jo loves to help and accompany people on their way to a healthier version of themselves. This is also what made him become a YouTube Fitness Coach – one of the most successful in germany btw! Furthermore he is Co-Founder of Spree CrossFit in our capital, Berlin (www.spreecrossfit.de) where he is bookable as a coach.His private and business life are strongly bonded, his passion for mobility, powerlifting, strongman & crossfit is not a 9-5 thing, which makes him an even better expert!


Kettlebell & Mobility Gathering

Eberhard Schlömmer holds a diploma in sports sience & is an official coach for the Functional Movement Screen® (FMS). He is coaching & teaching Trainers, Physiotherapists and Physicians for over 12 years!

As a specialist for functional training & functional movement Eberhard is making sure, that theoretical knowledge is successfully applied to the human body with his practical approach.

He is the founder of the Outdoor-Circuit Movement, a successfull Personal Trainer & always on the move all over Europe as a Perform Better Expert.


Kettlebell & Mobility Gathering

Steve Cotter is an Industry Titan. He is well rounded although his strength applies to Functional Fitness, Conditioning and Body-Mind. As an international Kettlebell Training Pioneer he coached over 1000 Fitness Professionals on 6 continents & more than 50 Countries. In 2008 he founded the international Kettlebell & Fitness Federation (IKFF).

Besides his never ending travel plans, he coaches professional athletes of the Major Baseball League. He is a speaker in Clinics and Universities where he lectures  about strength & conditioning.

By combining his knowledge about Martial Arts, Mobility, Flexibility & Kettlebell Training, he achieved a very high state of expertise.

Whether, military units, MMA Fighters, Elite-Athletes or Industry Professionals – they all love to have Steve as their consultant to improve ones own profession.


Kettlebell & Mobility Gathering

Patrick Meinart has a Diploma in Psychology, Sports Physiotherapy and Sports Science. He’s not only eating up books and papers about the latest studies, he definitely know’s how to put his knowledge into practice and more important, he is damn good in teaching you this knowledge.

He is working as a Speaker & Instructor all over Germany in his main topic which is mobility training.

He is working with professional athletes, using a well established neuro-athletic training concept that is linking neurology with movement theory.